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2019 Flood

The flood of March, 2019 in Fremont, Nebraska was definitely one for the record books.  Fremont became an island, with no way in or out except by small plane for several days.  Hundreds of residents had to evacuate their homes, many on very short notice, due to levee breaches.   Many of those with pets had to leave them behind, as the local emergency shelters would not allow them brought in.  Requests came in for help from deperate pet parents.  That is where CARE stepped up.  As we do not have a facility, and provide care soley through foster homes, one of our board members opened up her home to provide a safe, dry shelter for the displaced cats.  At one point approximately 50 cats were set up temporarily.  Volunteers poured in to help clean kennels, feed and water, and provide comfort to the scared and confused family pets.  Many were placed in new foster homes.   Donations came in from all across the country, including PetSmart, Petco, and Chewy.    Veterinary care was provided for all those in need, and owners were comforted knowing they were safe and could stay as long as necessary.   After the waters receded, calls came in of kittens that were born in precarious places during the flood.   Those were brought into our shelter, "Cat Central", along with the momma cat.  There she could take care of her newborns in a safe, clean, dry place, with fresh food and water always available. 
As time passed, some residents realized that their house and belongings were unable to be saved, and they were forced to surrender their beloved pets.   CARE has taken care of, and rehomed many.  Due to our efforts, we became the recipient of the ServeNebraska Step Forward Animal Disaster Volunteer Category.
(The video below was taken during the height of the intake, before they could be moved to larger kennels.) 
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