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Rehoming Resources

Surrendering a cat can be an incredibly difficult decision.  As Catz Angels is always full with strays and rescues, we are unable to take in your surrendered cat (only exception is if you adopted from CARE).

Rehoming your pet should be a last resort.  There are many resources you can use to avoid having to rehome, including: 

Help for behavior issues:  For difficult behaviors that you're unable to manage on your own, the first step should be a vet visit.   Cats are notorious for hiding pain and will lash out in various ways.  Urinating outside of the box is highly suspicious of a urinary tract infection, most generally helped with a course of antibiotics.   Hiding, not eating, etc. are other indications of an underlying medical issue.    If no medical reason is confirmed by your vet, there are medications available to assist in making your cat less stressed.   Other things to consider are, did you recently move?   Recently add more household members?  Stress in the household?  Cats feed off the energy in the home.  If you need further assistance, reach out to a behaviorist or trainer, such as  Allison Helps Cats.

Financial Assistance:  Pets need care just as adults and children do.  The best plan is to put a little money away each month to have when they are due for their yearly checkup and shots, or if an emergency arises.  You can also apply for Care Credit, and there are many pet insurance plans available.  Some organizations offer grants to pet parents who are struggling to afford pet care.   A couple to look into include Help A Pet, or Red Rover (with add'l links to other organizations).  You can also try a fundraising platform such as GoFundMe where you can set up your own fundraising page.   Another option is to consider Waggle, a pet-dedicated crowdfunding solution that channels funds directly to verifed veterinarians for a pet's care.  

If you find you have no other option, your first try should be with family or friends.  If no success, here are some rehoming resources:

Rehome Adopt-A-Pet   

If you are on Facebook, there are several sites you can post on:

Cat Parents of Omaha 

Nebraska Cats/Kittens Looking For Good Homes

Animals for Adoption - Nebraska   

Pets to Rehome in Omaha-Metro area  

Rehoming Omaha-Area Pets   

Your personal Facebook or other social media page

 Be sure to view this excellent resource from Humane Society of the United States for some great tips to make your cat stand out!

Disclaimer - We are not affiliated with any of the resources noted above, nor can guarantee you will receive the help you need.  

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