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Please Help Cats During Winter

Snowstorms such as the one we had recently always put rescues on high alert. When bad weather approaches, we think of cats we have seen in our neighborhoods or near our shelter building. We feel concern for cats that we haven't had room to take in. During the December cold snap, we scrambled, even as the temperature started to plummet! We even trapped a poor kitty at our back door that had no business in a parking lot during an Arctic blast. We can see relief as the Catz start to relax, knowing they have food, water, and a warm spot to lay. We need YOU during these situations! When you see a cat during bad weather, please help. Check to see if the cat is ok. Bring the cat out of the elements. Keep it safe in your house, if possible. If you cannot spare a small spot in your house, offer your garage or make a warm spot for it to shelter on your porch. Take time to contact animal control or a rescue such as Catz Angels CARE. Post the kitty on social media. Take action and DO something. You might just be saving a life!!!

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