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Still Waiting Her Turn....

Back in November of 2021, Catz Angels CARE took in 12 cats from an abandoned house in Wahoo. The renters moved out of the property, leaving behind this large group of bewildered cats. I met our rescue friend Sharon there. I gasped at the sights and smells of this disgusting house. The cats had no food or water. Feces and urine covered the floors in every room. I can literally still see and smell it. Most of the cats were rehabbed, and they found forever homes. Fast forward to February 2023: We still have our dear Pixie, who was one of the twelve rescued on that day. She is a gorgeous calico, now estimated at 3 yrs old. Pixie was adopted at one point, but it wasn't the right fit. Her adopters lived in an apartment. Pixie was returned to rescue due to her loud, anxiety-type meowing, which turned out to be her probably being deaf. Pixie has been patiently waiting for someone to understand her special needs and take a chance on her. She would love to have a quieter home, where she can truly get comfortable. She needs a patient adopter. I have even dreamed and wondered if she could have a beautiful friendship with a hearing-impaired adopter! Wouldn't that be cool?? If you know of an adopter who might be right for our sweet Pixie, please help us match them up!!!

Until next time, Marsha.

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