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Catz Angels CARE, Inc.

Happy New Year Catz Angels Nation!

A new year brings new hope, renewed determination, and even loftier goals.  We all strive to become better and to do better.  Our rescue has these goals, too.  We can keep building, but only with your support and volunteerism!

Here are three very simple goals to begin 2023:

1.   Improve life for every Catz Angels CARE cat.

2.  Give all our shelter and foster cats the very best we can until they

      find their forever homes.

3.  Always help when it is within our power.

Stay strong, Catz Angels Nation.  Let's get these cats off the streets!




CARE is honored to have received a PetSmart grant to help extend our efforts and serve the PetSmart Charities' mission to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them.

PetSmart Charities - The leading funder of animal welfare in North America

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